Does this sound familiar?

No matter how great your work is, you can’t seem to find the right clients. You keep running into business owners who are trying to cut corners with pricing and cringe when they hear what an expert accountant costs. 

You’re probably ready to give up on social media and the whole brand-building thing. No matter how consistent you are or how visually appealing your feed becomes, your engagement is minimal. You can’t seem to figure out what you’re doing wrong. 

Packaging your service in a premium way seems foreign to you. You’re struggling with pricing and positioning your services in a way that is considerate of your effort while keeping your client happy.

The truth is…not attracting the right customers is draining you emotionally and financially. Let’s fix this. 

We're in this profession because we genuinely want to help people use their numbers to grow and scale their businesses. We don't want to just be 'number crunchers' and 'bean counters' we want to be partners and advisors, but the wrong client will banish us into the world of data entry and administrative tasks. It could be so different.

I'm Kendra James-Anderson!

I know exactly how you feel! Let's Chat! Press Play!

Have you been examining financial records and advising your clients, but you’re drained from being underpaid and under appreciated? YES?!? Then, this class is for you!

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Introducing “Six Figure Firms”

the solution for accounting & business finance professionals looking to build a premium, profitable and sustainable firm. Whether it’s accounting, finance, or taxes, this self-paced program will teach you how to attract high-paying clients and 

build a Six Figure Firm!

Struggling Bookkeeper, Finance or Tax Professional? No more… get ready to become a Business Advisor.

Module 1:

Developing your Dream Brand

Learn how to properly present yourself as a Business Advisor; and stand apart from the struggling crowd of underpaid professionals.
Module 1:

Module 2:

Packaging Your Services & Pricing Premium

Master how to package and perfect your services so you can have premium pricing.
Module 2:

Module 3:

Marketing & Sales To Attract High Paying Clients

Learn how to connect with your ideal clients via online & offline marketing; and convert your ideal clients with a strategic sales call process.
 Module 3:

Module 4:

Scale Your Team and Sales Systematically

Discover how to scale so that you can add several premium clients while maintaining a Gross Profit over 85% (with ease).
Module 4:


Working your full-time job is exhausting enough, but you find yourself being spread too thin with needy clients who are paying you a fraction of what you’re worth.

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You deserve the best!

Can you imagine…clients begging to work with you. They don’t miss payments and understand you are their partner in business. They make it easy for you to help them win, and more importantly, they don’t even blink when you tell them your rates.

  • Work with clients that respect and value your work, time, and opinion

  • Be the sought-after expert by business owners who understand the importance of an outsourced Accountant or CFO

  • Command a premium price point for the expertise and business-growing recommendations that you bring to a client

  • Reach beyond your city limits and have the flexibility to impact clients everywhere - working completely remote

What They're Saying

Germeen G - Your Life & Finance

"My coaching experience with Kendra completely changed the way I do business"

Germeen G - Your Life & Finance

I walked away with exactly what I needed to move forward with my business. I'm looking forward to working with Kendra again!


Below is an overview of what's included in this self-paced Program. You will navigate through 4 modules that will get you from underpaid to booked and busy. This course will teach you how to go from small time bookkeeper or tax preparer to sought out Business Advisor, Virtual Accountant, or CFO.

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Course Curriculum

Bonus Material

Get Additional Access To..

  • Templates

    Get Access to Templates that you can use to analyze exactly how you can create a personalized service to attract your ideal clients

  • Scripts

    I've added in-depth personalized sales scripts so that you're able to connect directly and close high paying clients.

  • Exclusive Resources

    Learn how to know exactly when to hire, and scale and also understand the process of scaling and where you can find the perfect team.

Now is the time!

Get access to many of the same Tips & Resources that I share with my Private Mentoring Students - for a fraction of the investment.

A Little More About Your Instructor,

Kendra James-Anderson

Kendra James-Anderson is a Virtual CFO & Business Manager that helps business owners in many aspects of their finances & accounting. After graduating from Clemson University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Finance & Accounting and climbing the corporate ladder for 10+ years, Kendra ditched her six figure corporate salary and built her brand & business to serve as a full time money manager for boss women. Additionally, Kendra offers private coaching to other women in the finance, accounting and tax industry to help them build their business & brand. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the new trends in the our industry! Cloud Accounting, social media and the internet have changed everything for us. You’re no longer limited to working with business owners in your local area. But you’re also no longer only competing with people in your local area. It can be exciting and intimidating at the same time, which makes branding crucial for sustainability. Your firm needs a makeover. You ready to get started?
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A Little More About Your Instructor,


  • How long is this course?

    This is a self paced course that is packed full of step by step information that you can implement at your own pace. You have lifetime access and can start and work through the content as your schedule allows.

  • Is there an option to work with Kendra one-on-one?

    I do occasionally offer one-on-one Private Mentorship. However I highly suggest taking the course first to understand all of the foundational steps & strategies. That way, when we're working together one-on-one we're able to focus on specific struggles in your business since all of the foundational items are already covered. If you are interested in Private Mentorship, email us at Note that the investment for Private Mentorship starts at $2,500. This is another reason why the course is an amazing opportunity!

  • What happens after I purchase the course?

    After you purchase your course, you will get instant access to the materials. Check your inbox for confirmation of purchase 5 minutes after your transaction.

What They're Saying

Natalia F - Cash Clarity Consultant

“Kendra is overloaded with Strategy, I now call her the "Queen of Strategy".

Natalia F - Cash Clarity Consultant

Working with her taught me: Mindset - how to find Confidence in who I am and my ability to offer exceptional service. Product Design - how to find Clarity in what I wanted to offer in terms of my service. Systems - how to identify my niche, where and how to reach them. Accountability - she held me accountable to every tasks that I was given. And best of all I now have an exit date to confidently leave my 9-5 and a clear plan to ensure I won't have to go back! She is just awesome!”
Bridgette H - LJA Consulting and Financial Services

"Kendra it was truly a pleasure being able to work with you. I learned so much, invaluable gems & information.

Bridgette H - LJA Consulting and Financial Services

Please know that your hardwork & dedication was greatly appreciated. I haven't stopped talking about it yet. I've put so many of your tips in motion, which helped me feel more confident in the job I am doing. You just don't know how much motivation & determination you gave me through this class. Thank you so much for the words of wisdom!"